Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Teen Titans #28

So this is the last issue of my two issue break from the idiocy of Geoff Johns. Unfortunately, Gail Simone didn't seem to bring her A game(or even B or C game...) to this two part story. On the plus side, Rob Liefeld is still doing the art, so even if the story sucks again, I'll be able to laugh at the artwork.
Holy shit, lay of the roids, Bart!

Teen Titans #28(November 2005):

Summary: Okay, last issue Kestrel stole Raven's soul and ran off to the Chaos Realm.
I'd run off too if this jacked son of a bitch was coming after me!

This issue begins with one of those life lessons, super-villains are kind of stupid, as we see that Kestrel left a way for the Titans to follow him to Chaos Land. Upon sensing their arrival, Kestrel sends his sidekicks to attack the Titans. While that fight is going on, Robin smells a distraction, separates from the group, and finds Kestrel. The two fight, but Robin is overmatched and ends up defeated.
Good god is that the scariest looking Robin I've ever seen...  It'll haunt my dreams from this day forward...

By this time the Titans have defeated the jailbait sisters and attack Kestrel in force. They manage to defeat Kestrel, but he tells them that short of death, he'd just come back and attack the Titans and their loved ones due to him being evil. However, the bitter hammer of convenience strikes, when one of Kestrel's sidekicks turns on him and guts him with his own claws, presumably killing him. With that, the Titans collect Raven's soul and head home.

Thoughts: This was a comic book that happened. That's about all I got here... It wasn't a good story, it was kind of bad, but at least it wasn't insulting. I don't really get why Hawk and Dove were involved at all, especially since they added nothing to any aspect of this issue.
Hey look, it's that kick I mentioned in the last post!

Hell, you'd think Hawk would have at least killed Kestrel, but no, it was Random Villain #1 who did the deed. Meh, I guess it's on to the next issue and the return of Johns...

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