Thursday, May 4, 2017

Maximum Carnage part 11: Amazing Spider-Man #380

I can't believe this look back at Maximum Carnage is almost over! I have to say, it's been a lot of fun going back to the dizzy 90's to see Spidey. And, I've decided what I'll be checking out after Maximum Carnage is finished up here... Stay tuned for that.

Maximum Carnage part 11: Amazing Spider-Man #380:

Summary: Morbius and Not-Spawn follow Demogoblin and Doppelganger to Carnage's base in the Statue of Liberty's torch. We get a brief tussle, but Not-Spawn has to rapidly leave with Morbius due to the sun rising. Meanwhile, Shriek randomly attacks people and things by her lonesome. Spidey, Captain America, Deathlok, Firestar and Iron Fist spot her and defeat her with ease.
This feels like the writer of this comic was thinking, "Well, Deathlok should say SOMETHING..."

And then the comic falls COMPLETELY off the rails... We get several pages of the exact same scene playing out... It's sort of like this, Normal New Yorker, “Gragh!! I'm going to loot this store!!” Iron Fist approaches, ”Now now, you don't want to loot that store, looting is bad.” Normal New Yorker, “Hey, you're right! Why was I even doing this?!” A rendition of that very scene plays out for EVERY single hero in this comic!! Every one! With Shriek still gone, Carnage sends Doppel and Demo out to find her, which they do.
HA!!  The flame "torturing" Venom is so tiny!!

That leads to a fight between the heroes and the villains, which ends when... Oh god... The people of New York yell at Shriek for making them evil with her powers. Shriek gets pissed about that, and uses her amplification powers to their max, making the people bloodthirsty again and setting them after out heroes.

Thoughts: Yeah, this was easily the worst issue of Maximum Carnage. Like, by a clear mile. Here's just a random example of how bad this issue was. Spidey stops a women from chucking her kids off an apartment rooftop by asking her to stop. That snaps her out of Shriek's thrall. Later on, the same woman is in the crowd of people heckling Shriek about making them turn evil...
"Fuck that Captain America guy, Spidey set us straight!"

But how does that woman know Shriek did any thing to her? She was never told by Spidey. I don't recall any of the heroes telling any of the people they “saved” that Shriek was responsible. All of a sudden, a mob gathered and started yelling at Shriek for things they shouldn't know about! Ugh... And then there's the Peter/MJ stuff..... So this issue gets underway with Peter bemoaning the fact that MJ didn't give him her “blessing” to go out and be a super-hero. Peter then saves the woman on the roof with the kids and is all, “Well shit, if I weren't here, those kids would be dead, ergo, MJ is wrong and stupid” Sure, Spidey saved the woman, but his logic that only he could have saved the kids is faulty at best, as he has no way of knowing one of his teammates wouldn't have made the save. And then later, MJ is with Peter's family and the Osborns watching the fight play out and sees that the crowd had turned on Shriek, which makes her think, “Well shit, if it wasn't for Peter being there, those people would be stealing stuff and having sex with fire hydrants and whatnot. Ergo, I am wrong and stupid.”
The moral of this story?  Peter is always right, and MJ is always wrong.
Let's REALLY hammer home how wrong and stupid MJ is...  This frigging comic.....

The way MJ, who had a valid point about Peter being reckless, was just brushed off was really annoying and a bit insulting... For some reason her worrying about her husband during this storyline makes her the bad guy, with this issue hammering that point home by MJ realizing she was in the wrong. Even though she isn't! UGH! I need to end this post before I continue ranting for several more minutes. At least the next issue has to be better than this one! 

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