Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Teen Titans #16

Okay, we're finished with the Beast Boy storyline (HUZZAH!!) and are moving on to a quick little Legion crossover... Ah yes, the Legion of Super-Heroes... Another favorite of 1950's boy, Geoff Johns. In this instance though, this is the newest incarnation of the Legion(the Threebooted version), that's being written by the hugely talented Mark Waid. Considering how much Johns obviously hated the threeboot Legion, this must have been torture for him. Well, enough foreplay, let's get down to business!

Teen Titans #16:

Summary: Huh, this was not at all what I expected... So Superboy and Wonder Girl go on a date,
Ah X-Ray vision...  Such an underrated power...

but Superboy winds up getting pulled into the future, where he spends the next 5 months with little memories, palling around with the SECOND incarnation of the Legion, not the third. That's super confusing to me, but I'll get to that in the “Thoughts” section. For Cassie though, Superboy is only gone for scant seconds, and comes back out of the portal practically unconscious. Cassie flies Superboy to the Titans, but the team finds themselves under attack by Legion enemy, Persuader. After a bit of a tussle, Persuader retreats into a portal, and Superboy hands out Legion flight rings to the Titans before heading into Persuader's portal. The Titans meet the Legion and head towards their planet-sized base, but the artificial planet explodes and begins to fall to Earth.
What the hell did Cassie think she was gonna say?  His pants?  Also, once again, Cassie is randomly a bitch.

This issue ends with Superboy telling the Titans that the Legion wasn't battling against the Fatal Five(who are enemies of the Legion), but the Fatal Five Hundred.

Thoughts: Yeah, so this issue confused the hell out of me... I KNOW this story ends up spinning into the Threeboot Legion, and yet they were nowhere to be found... Instead we got the Reboot Legion. Now, after this issue there's a Teen Titans/Legion special comic, which I guess will explain things? Probably? But yeah, the lack of the Legion I was expecting was sort of jarring. As for this comic? Meh. I really don't have anything to even say... Superboy disappeared, reappeared, and wound up taking the Titans to the future. I'm not sure what Persuader's deal was with the Titans, other than leaving a portal open for them to go to the future. He was going after Superboy, but you'd think he'd have his hands full, what with his 499 teammates destroying the Earth in the future and all. Speaking of which, I love that Superboy headed back to get the Titans to help him against the 500 bad guys running amok in the future. I know if I needed help fighting a gang of 500, I'd definitely ask the green guy who can turn into a rat as opposed to Superman... Also, the irony of a group called Legion being outnumbered and needing more people isn't lost on me either...

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