Saturday, May 6, 2017

Teen Titans #16.5

So this isn't exactly an issue of Teen Titans, per se, but does directly tie into and finish the story that was started in issue number sixteen. Issue number seventeen(I don't know why I'm spelling out "number" here... I never do that...) begins a whole new story, so since I looked at issue sixteen, I figure I might as well tackle this one as well. So, with that said, I dub this issue Teen Titans #16.5.

Teen Titans/Legion Special #1, aka Teen Titans #16.5:

Summary: Considering the fact that they're a tad outnumbered by the Fatal Five-Hundred, the Titans and the Legion fall back to an early version of the Legion's home base. While there, Brainiac 5 reveals a Cosmic Treadmill of sorts that needed to be powered by Kid Flash and Xs(what a dumb name, unlike X), which would send all of the alternate Fatal Five members back to their home dimensions.
Thanks for the exposition there, Bart.

Before we get to the running portion of this comic, Bart makes a quick trip to say hi to his mom,
HA!!  Give it a few years and DC will forget all about Bart!  Also, who tells their mom not to forget them?

while Superboy gets to be all angsty about which team he wanted to stay with. While the speedsters are running on the treadmill, the Fatal Five-Hundred attack. They are unable to stop the speedsters, and as such are sent back to their own dimensions... But wait! In the most egregious “because Geoff Johns” we've ever had in one of these Teen Titans comics, Superboy Prime's reality punching disrupts things and pulls both teams into limbo... I think?
I still can't believe Johns told DC, "Yeah, so Superboy Prime punches reality and stuff happens!" And then DC went forward with that!! 

I honestly don't have a frigging clue by this point! Long story short, the Titans get sent back in time, while the Legion gets lost in the time stream, because they do the whole “Legion Lost” thing so damn well. That ends this story, but the comic continues with a look at the Threeboot Legion, which I won't bother writing up since it has nothing to do with the Titans.

Thoughts: This was one of the weirdest comic series launch ideas you'll ever read! I mean, DC is all, “Hey, we're relaunching the Legion, AGAIN, read this crossover with the Teen Titans to see the third version of the Legion!” So cool, I do that and then DC is all, “Swerve!! Instead, you'll read a crossover between the Titans and the second version of the Legion that won't help sell any of the new Legion books, noob!” And then as a bizarre afterthought, we get an 8 page preview of Legion #1 at the end that has zero connection to anything I just read... That's so frigging baffling to me! Why not introduce the Threeboot Legion in THIS storyline, that way they can make new fans? Instead, the Reboot Legion, who are getting wiped out of DC with this story for all intents and purposes, gets the spotlight... Why give the team that's disappearing the shine when they can't benefit from it! This should have been a great way to get fans excited to read about the Threeboot Legion, instead, the whole thing was DC'd up, as per usual with that company...

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