Thursday, February 16, 2017

A Brand New Start!

Here we go again!! It's been a while, but after going through some of the posts on the old blog(conveniently located here) with JT recently(mainly to laugh our asses off at how terrible most of them are!), I was kind of/sort of bitten by the blogging bug once more. Now, that's good, fine and dandy, but the problem is, I don't read ANY new comic books any more... I stopped around the time Marvel was doing whatever the hell the death of the Watcher event was. That event(Ugh, ANOTHER Marvel event.........) coupled with DC's(at the time) stubborn insistence that they were sticking with the New 52, which I hated from the start, just drained me of all of my comic reading enjoyment. Marvel wouldn't stop doing events(I mean, it was like 6 months between each one!), they were pushing characters I never liked(Hello Inhumans!), DC was bastardizing characters I truly enjoyed reading about, while pumping out lousy stories, it was all just too much. Yeah, Image was doing good to great stuff, but it honestly just wasn't enough... And with that, I bid my local comic shop adieu, and stopped collecting new books... But, the cool thing about owning a metric shit ton of back issues is that after a few years, you tend to forget certain story elements, or hell, entire stories from certain books... I mean, I have no frigging clue what happened in Legion of Super-Heroes #35, Avengers #265, or Young Justice #14 off the top of my head. I know Alpha debuts in Amazing Spider-Man #692, but I don't remember hardly any of the panels inside that book. Basically, I can cherry-pick a full series from one of my comic boxes, sit back and read something I honestly enjoy. And that's great.

That also brings us to the present, with JT and I going through some of the stuff we did on the other blog. In between laughs and shots at each other, we both admitted that we missed the blog for different reasons. And that got me thinking, I wouldn't mind doing a little writing here and there. But then the question becomes, writing about what? I mean, I can't write about new books, I don't care about them... But what about old ones? Is there an audience for that? Probably not, but that's cool, because I know JT will read whatever asinine junk I post, so I'll happily play to a one man audience, especially when that one man is my best friend. So with all of that crap out of the way, let's get back to the reviewing!