Monday, February 20, 2017

Brave and the Bold #54(part the second)

Alright, back to the Teen Titans, in their very first mission... I guess? I mean, with the way DC does and undoes their continuity, I don't even know if this adventure even happened... How dumb is that? I mean, I don't know what counts and doesn't count as continuity anymore... And that's why I stopped reading current books ladies and gents! Well, this is the very first Titans adventure in chronology... I guess I can go with that, right? Anyway, the last post went WAAAAAAAY longer than I would have liked, especially considering the comic itself was only a few pages long. This time I'm going to try to rein myself in and get the summary portion under control... Or so I claim...

The Brave and the Bold #54(June 1964)

Summary: Alright, let's do this thing. Picking up from part one, the town's mayor tells Robin that way back in colonial times(so much for a quick summary...)Mr. Twister's ancestor gave the town of Hatton Corners away in exchange for a single passenger pigeon feather a year, and if they neglected his price, he could take one of their youths. The townspeople happily accepted that condition, because why wouldn't they? It's asinine! A feather for a town? Sure thing, sucker! Unfortunately, passenger pigeons went extinct(or so this very educational comic tells me) and Mr. Twister popped up one day demanding his back rent of (now extinct) pigeon feathers or children. The mayor laughed Mr. Twister off, but then Mr. Twister returned and made good on his threats. So who's laughing now!!! Whew, with that back story out of the way, let's move on. Quickly! Robin deduced that Mr. Twister(and I'm going to keep calling him Mr. Twister, even though it would be SO much easier to just call him Twister) had flown off with the teens to the nearby Goat Island, which gives us a reason to have Aqualad around, as he ferrets Kid Flash and Robin to the island on a manta.
Aqualad is kind of a dick...  And I don't mean Grayson...

Upon arriving, the Titans find the kids building a giant stone twister....... Because reasons, I guess... Pleased with what his slaves were doing, Mr. Twister hops on a boat and leaves, followed by a stowaway Robin. Kid Flash finishes the bizarre stone structure for the kids, while Robin learns that Mr. Twister's powers came from an old Indian(or Native American, if you prefer) potion he found in a cave... Yeah. Anyway, Robin goes to jump Mr. Twister, but loses due to Mr. Twister's dread powers.
Yes!!  Pocket sand!!!

Mr. Twister flies Robin back to the town's adults with a note warning them that he'd do something even more dastardly if he didn't get his feathers(but he has the kids now...). Meanwhile, back on the island, Aqualad discovers that the island was barely attached to the ocean floor, and gets a herd of whales to move the entire island away, leaving Mr. Twister confused upon his return... And that ends part the second.

Thoughts: What?! A herd of whales took the entire island away? And it just stayed in one big piece? Like, it didn't break up or anything, it just fit perfectly right on those whales' backs and off they went? And what does that mean for Kid Flash's stone monument to the glory of twisters?! Why did he even go through with building it if Aqualad was just going to hide the island? Ugh... What a waste of time for poor Kid Flash...
I don't even know why that's a thing anybody would want built...

All that building to impress Mr. Twister, all for naught... Oh, and of course all the adults now missed the teens and all of the teens missed their parents due to absence making the heart grow fonder, or passenger pigeons or something... I don't know... What I do know is that we're only one part away from knowing how this story ends! Excitement!! Exclamation points!!! Passenger pigeons!!!!

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