Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Batman Strikes! #49

I'm sure any of you with a large comic collection has had moments where they look at certain books they have and wonder why... Like, why is this comic here, why would I buy this? I have A LOT of those books with me... Like the comic I'll be looking at today! It's one of those cartoon to comic deals, you know, a comic based off of a cartoon based off of a comic... Whew, that's a mouthful... This one is from the Batman Strikes! series from... um, I don't even know! I never watched that series, which makes it all the weirder that I have this comic! Well, enough dilly-dallying, onward!

The Batman Strikes! #49(Nov. 2008)

Summary: Ah, it's a Grayson story... That explains this comic's presence on my collection... Okay, so after a night of Bat-action(hey, I didn't mean it like THAT!), poor, young Dick Grayson is caught snoozing during one of his classes.
What the hell is up with Dick's Wolverine-esque hair?  And what's the deal with the crazy looking kid behind him?

Not only that, but he notices Killer Moth and some goons from the window getting ready to rob the... Gotham Savings and Loan, which is right across the street from Dick's school!? What the hell?! Where I went to school, there were normal things like candy stores and bodegas across the street, not frigging banks! Anyway, Dick tries to get a message to Batman, but has his communicator taken away by his teacher, who mistakes it for a video game, mainly due to her being an idiot.
Clearly that's a 3DS.

Needing an excuse to get out of the classroom, Dick begins to chuck balled up papers at a girl until the teacher sends him to the principal's office.
Sure, pick on the only black kid in the class.  That's totally not racist!

At that point Dick rushes to his locker and switches to his Robin duds, just in time to stop Moth and his goons from leaving with the cash. And that's pretty much it. I mean, there's a little bit more, but it's really not important to the story.

Thoughts: What can I say, I liked this comic. I'm a sucker for Robin stories, and I'm a fan of Dick Grayson, so this is a win for me. Sure, there were some random things that were... well, random, like the Batman vs Poison Ivy story(which I didn't mention in the summary, but did mention in the thoughts.........), the fact that Killer Moth was a literal giant moth, but was acting like the human version,
Aww, how romantic!

Robin's teacher mistaking a Bat-communicator for a video game, but it was also a breezy, stupid, fun read. I mean, come on, it had Killer Moth hiding in an ice cream truck, and Robin keeping the Bat-communicator near his junk instead of his pocket...
He DOES have pockets...  Why would he put it THERE?  Maybe the Bat-communicator vibrates?

What's not to like here? Also, I get we were doing a Dick Grayson tale, but the Savings and Loan being across the street from Dick's school, literally right outside his window? Convenient story is too convenient... That's all I'm sayin'...


  1. Dude... is that Dick Grayson or Eddie Munster? Seriously... that hair is abysmal. And the kid behind him has SO much definition for his face... that's gotta be a friend the artist drew in.

    For the record, my High School was across the street from a cemetery...

    The teacher is just WAY too dumb to be teaching children. It says Batman I need help and you KNOW Robin is a small white kid... like, seriously? And I admit, I laughed hard at Dick's unintentional (?) racism. He may love orange girls but he has a beef with black girls I guess.

    Did they ever comment on the fact Killer Moth was a giant moth? I've never heard of this Batman show, which is kinda surprising. Not as surprising as Dick keeping his communicator in his underwear but NOT wearing his Robin costume under his clothes, but whatever.

  2. Oh snap, a JT appearance! An Eddie Munster reference? In 2017??!! What.. What are you!?

    HA!! You know, a cemetery across the street from a HS seems like something that has some story potential. Like, "A high school by day, but a DIE school by night!! BWA-HAHAHAHAH!!" My HS was across from various candy stores and houses. Nothing exotic like a graveyard or a bank.

    The funny thing is Dick could have simply thrown the paper at the teacher. She was sassing him as it was already, he wants to get her attention and get thrown out, he easily COULD have went for her, but nope, that lone black girl was the target of his ire. And he had to throw several at her before the teacher saw!

    Nope, he simply was a giant moth who talked like a man. Honestly, I prefer it that way. It just added to the stupidity in this issue. The lack of a Robin costume is also kind of surprising... He had it in his locker in a dufflebag. It seems like it would just be easier to wear it under his clothes as opposed to going to the locker, get the bag, go to the bathroom, get changed, etc. Maybe the school had metal detectors and he didn't want to risk getting frisked and found out?

    1. Also, the actual cartoon was called The Batman. This is the series based off of that show. I probably should fix that in the post, but you know, meh.

  3. Dude, you can't tell me that Dick doesn't look like he's dressed up as Eddie Munster for Halloween. And I'm... I'm the man with the plan!

    That's a good idea... Die School PS 219... coming soon to a TV near you! And I feel like graveyard and bank have never been used in the same sentence until now.

    Oh.. yeah. He COULD have thrown it at the teacher, that's a damn good point. Jeez, Dick's a... dick. He could've just left too... like what are they gonna do? "Mr. Wayne, your ward was acting up in class... make sure he only gets ONE dessert at dinner."

    I guess that metal detector thing makes sense, but it seems weirder if I'm the gym teacher walking the halls and I see Robin run out of the bathroom...

    OH... The Batman! We actually talked about that for a bit, that's the one with Kevin Michael Richardson as The Joker.

  4. I can proudly say that I don't really know WHAT Eddie Munster looks like! I keep mixing the Munsters with the Adams Family in my head, so yeah... I was like, "The Munsters? That's the show with Cousin It?"

    Huh, yeah, there were a lot of ways Dick could have gotten out of the classroom... Like, if he legit just left, what's the teacher gonna do? And I'm sure Bats would understand... Or at least I hope he would... Then again, with how weird Bats can be, maybe he'd be pissed about it just because. "You should have been able to capture Moth without even leaving the classroom!"

    I sort of, kind of, vaguely remember us having said conversation. I'll have to see if it's on netflix, I wouldn't mind giving it a watch.

  5. I was gonna link you to a picture of Eddie Munster but honestly, it's not worth either of our time.

    That's hilarious, I could definitely see Bruce saying that. "I captured Mr. Freeze while I was giving a speech at the annual Wayne Winter Gala AND drinking a glass of champagne!"

    It IS on Netflix, that's WHY we were talking about it... haha.

    1. HA! That's the only acceptable response.

      And then he smacks Dick(should I even say that... Yeah, I think I should) with a backhand.

      Um....... Yeah, sure... I remember that!!!