Friday, March 3, 2017

Brave and the Bold #60

So, I have to say, getting back into reviewing mode has been pretty easy. I had some trepidation at first, hell, I wasn't even sure I even wanted to review after being out of the game(so to speak) for so long. But I guess it's like riding a bike. Or, in my case, a really sucky bike with square wheels that fall off all the time. Anyway, next up is the second adventure of the Teen Titans. And from the looks of the cover, it seems out favorite trio of sidekicks are going to add a forth member! Which is probably for the best, because really, what kind of a team has THREE members!? Onward!

Brave and the Bold #60(July 1965):

Summary: So wait, DC didn't do anything with the Titans for an entire year after they first got together?! Huh... In the town of Midville, the adults have given their teenagers control of the government for a day... Why, I have no clue, but it's what happened. A kid named Tommy Holmes takes over as acting mayor, with the teens doing everything in town more professionally than the adults. At least until the menace of the Separated Man strikes!!! Yes, the Separated Man... It seems Tommy's father was a brilliant scientist who managed to, I shit you not, turn his body gigantic and cause his body parts to separate from one another... Yep. As fate would have it, Prof. Holmes couldn't control his giant parts(which I often use as an excuse!!!), and they rampaged around town. When the Prof. returned to normal, he was locked in prison for the crimes his gigantic body parts committed. This is the trippiest story I've read in some time! And now, during his son's finest hour(as a one day teen mayor), the Separated Man has returned.
That's kinda like one of those damn hands in Zelda that takes you back to the beginning of the dungeon!  I hate those hands...

The town's adults naturally blame Tommy for the rampage, but he escapes from them and contacts the Teen Titans via ham radio, which I guess was like the Internet of the 60's? Probably? The Titans arrive on the scene(arm in arm for some reason) and are filled in with regards to the Separated Man.
Who the hell enters a room like that??

Tommy swears to the Titans that his dad is innocent(even though he escaped from prison earlier in the day...), but before they can decide what to do, two giant feet begin to march towards Tommy and the Titans! And that ends the first part of this modern day classic.

Thoughts: So it's wrong that I was wondering what the Professor's gigantic penis was up to, right? I mean, I feel it's wrong, but I don't know how somebody can read this story and NOT wonder the same... Ah well, maybe we'll find out in the second part. Let's see, where the hell do I even begin... We have a scientist who, to benefit mankind in SOME way, I have no idea what way, but in some way, makes himself grow to giant stature and split apart?!? Like, this dude was sitting at his desk and was like, “You know what humanity at large needs? My giant gonads running around town helping old women cross the street and cleaning the gutters...” And then he went ahead and tried to make that a reality!!! Egads... It's also kind of weird that the adults, many of whom were openly mistrustful of Tommy from the onset of this comic, allowed him to become the teen mayor. It's also going to be funny when we inevitably discover that some no good adult broke the Prof. out of prison and went on a rampage specifically to discredit Tommy... I mean we all know that's how this one turns out, right? It just seems like a lot of trouble to go through to discredit a kid, who is only mayor for a single day, but what can ya do? Well, I don't know about you, but I'm eagerly awaiting what giant body part attacks the Titans next!
Ugh, go back to hell, Barry...

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