Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Teen Titans #2

Okay, a new day, a new Teen Titans review. The first issue saw Geoff Johns doing what Geoff Johns does, shit all over the past work of other writers. Will that trend continue? Will Batman continue being weird regarding Tim Drake's personal life? Will Cyborg actually show up? Will Beast Boy continue perving on underage girls? The answer to all that and more will be revealed... Now!

Teen Titans #2(Oct. 2003)

Summary: We start off by seeing that Deathstroke is crazy again.
Human head as a trophy?  Insanity confirmed.

Next up, Robin acts creepy and steals some of Superboy's hair from a towel after Superboy tells him to forget about the whole, “Half Lex Luthor” thing.
Picking hair from your best friend's bath towel?  Creepiness confirmed.

Wonder Girl decides that joining up with the Teen Titans was a mistake and is prepared to leave, at least until the Titans hear an explosion at nearby Alcatraz Island. The full team(minus Cyborg, who waits to make a more dramatic appearance later) rush over to help clear the tourists from the burning prison island. With the tourists clear, Beast Boy and Cyborg go to work on putting out the fires.
But...  Where did all that water come from?

Bart Allen/Impulse/Kid Flash heads in to do a sweep to make sure there are no stragglers still in the building, but gets hit by a dart that temporarily paralyzes him.
Bart Allen, fastest of the Titans is the one who gets shot with a dart...  Thanks, DC.  Also, isn't it moths to a flame??

Deathstroke then strolls over, tells Bart to inform the Titans that he didn't want to see any more kids running around in costumes, and proceeds to shoot Bart in the knee with a shotgun, ending this issue.

Thoughts: I don't remember what pushed Deathstroke over the edge this time around. I'm gonna guess that Ravager or Jericho was dead and he went crazy mourning, but I'm blanking on which was the more likely scenario in 2003. I'm gonna guess it was Jericho. I know he went evil in the 90's, and I think he died as a result. But then, I also know he was back by the early 10's, so I'm not exactly sure. Oh well, I guess I'll find out going forward(probably). This issue did put a few wheels in motion, we find out who the first big bad of the series is(Deathstroke is always a great choice), Bart begins the process of becoming Kid Flash, and the Titans begin to form into a team. Sure there was some cringe-worthy stuff in here, like the scene between Bart and Cassie *shudder*,
In other words, "I jack it to you nightly.  You cool with that?"

or any scene Beast Boy was in, but overall, a good showing.


  1. Regardless of what else happens in this series, I will forever stand by the decision we made to read this over YJ solely for the line "I jack it to you nightly. You cool with that?" Holy shit that cracked me up.

    I was wondering why Deathstroke would take the time to decapitate his friend, stuff and mount the head and still talk to it, when he could just... fire him or something, but crazy ass Slade gon' do crazy ass shit. As for Beast Boy, they were on an island, so there's water everywhere, X. Like... everywhere.

    Tim's an asshole... Connor politely asks him to leave this alone and let him just be him, and he's gotta be all Batman-y. This is the same shit he'd be upset at Bruce for if HE did it. It's the weekend dude, can't you just chill the fuck out and relax?!

    1. I was actually debating that line or a more mild one. And ugh!! to that entire scene... It was so horrible! Can you imagine saying that to a girl, who you aren't even dating, when you were like 14? Ugh, ugh, ugh...

      HA!! I didn't even think about all the work that went into actually putting wintergreen's head on the wall... It seems like it would have been easier to just kill him and NOT put his head on a wall. As for Beast Boy... Yeah, I guess that does make sense.... I don't even have a comeback. :/

      Yep, you're totally right about Tim/batman. Hell, Tim was livid when bats revealed his identity to spoiler! What he's doing is even worse than that! Like, he's your best friend, can't you just leave it alone? Does it matter?