Thursday, March 2, 2017

Strange Tales #101(Final part)

Some more Human Torch sound like a good idea? Yes? No? Anything? Sigh... Thanks for nothing, you were no help at all... Since I'm not getting any direction here, I guess I'll just go ahead and review the next part of the Human Torch's first solo adventure. And what an adventure, Johnny versus some random dude with no powers. Onward!

Strange Tales #101(Oct. 1962)

Thoughts: Having been foiled twice by the Human Torch, the Destroyer sends the newspaper another note, this time challenging the Torch to meet him near a small cabin at the edge of the woods... Well, it's a good thing nobody except for Johnny reads this paper, otherwise everybody in town would know where to find the Destroyer! Johnny prepares to head to the cabin, but is stopped by the Thing, who offers to take Johnny's place against the Destroyer. What the hell is Ben so worried about? The Destroyer has only (attempted to) sabotaged two amusement park rides... Ben is all, “If you go, Johnny, the Destroyer will surely kill you!!!” Chillax, Ben!
It's either Ben Grimm, or the neighborhood pervert...

Johnny sends Ben away, since the Destroyer challenged him, and as such, honor, or Johnny's manhood, or something along those lines, means Johnny has to face the Destroyer... Alone. And so, Johnny heads to the woods where he charges into the cabin, sets off a motion detector, and gets doused with water.

Where a metric shit-ton of water came from, I'll never know, but that's what happened. Before the Destroyer can head inside to kill Johnny, he hears some teenagers and bails. Next, Johnny decides to figure out what the Destroyer has against the amusement park. He deduces that the Destroyer only tried to sabotage the tall rides(um, he only struck twice... I don't think two attacks is enough to make a detailed case file of the guy...), and heads to the top of the amusement park to look around. Sure enough, Johnny spots A COMMIE SUBMARINE(HA!!!) surfacing, and rushes to attack it immediately... USA! USA! USA! The Navy, or Coast Guard, or somebody, head to the scene to assist the Torch, and the group take the sub with ease. Suck it, Mother Russia! The Destroyer ends up being unmasked and is revealed to be the newspaper editor...? Wha?!
But...  Why would anybody suspect him in the first place?

Oh, and the commie bastards wanted the amusement park gone because they could be seen surfacing from the highest rides. And that's a wrap.

Thoughts: I frigging love that the big bad of this comic was, to quote Johnny, “A Commie Sub!!”.
You don't get much more 60's then this!

Phenomenal... Also, I'm shocked, and a bit impressed that this part of the comic paid off all of the page time the newspaper editor was getting in the last part. We never find out what the newspaper editor was selling out his country for, but I don't even care, mainly due to the fact that there was “A Commie Sub!!” in this issue. God, that is the most 60's line ever... Let's see, what else... Oh, how about Thing? He heads all the way out to Long Island, offers to take Johnny's place, is turned down and leaves. And that's that? I was expecting him to pop up to help Johnny at the cabin, but nope, he gets turned down and is all, “I hope the Destroyer kills you, lolz!” and isn't seen again. Um, I think that all I have left to say about this one, until next time!

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