Saturday, March 18, 2017

Teen Titans #4

We're almost through with the first Teen Titans story arc, and wound up with an interesting(-ish) cliffhanger last issue. But that was pretty much all we got, as that last issue was largely forgettable. Here's hoping this one turns out to be a bit more exciting!

Teen Titans #4(Dec. 2003)

Summary: Things get started with Deathstroke taking advantage of last issue's revelation by turning the tables on Beast Boy and Cyborg, leading to their defeat.
Yep, you called it, this definitely gets a ♪Wah Wah

However, Deathstroke, or Jericho, or whatever you want to call him, doesn't strike the killing blow because... Um, reasons, I guess. The Young Justice Titans head to the hospital to see their fallen teammate, Impulse, but learn that Impulse had already been checked out, and that he headed to the library. The group heads to the library, where they are ignored by Impulse, who is reading every book in the place. While that's going on, Wonder Girl is given a lasso similar to Wonder Woman's by Ares, leaving Wonder Girl confused.
Well, if you don't want it, why the hell did you take it??

Deathstroke heads into the library and attacks Robin, trouncing him in battle.
Dammit Deadpool, leave him alone...  Oh wait, this is DC...  Whoops!

Deathstroke goes to shoot Robin in the head(even though he had the chance to kill a Titan earlier and didn't take it...), but the bullet is plucked out of the air by Impulse, who is now dressed in the Kid Flash duds.

Summary: This issue was a lot like the last one, in that not a whole lot went on. Like, literally the entire first half was the Young Justice Titans going to the hospital, then the library, the Ares/Wonder Girl stuff, and the end of the fight between Beast Boy and Cyborg. It was a lot of empty pages. As for what was in here, I liked the Ares/Wonder Girl interaction, mainly because I really like DC's version of Ares(way more than the Marvel version), and I'm kind of intrigued to see what the deal with the lasso is. The Deathstroke/Robin fight went as expected... Or did it??? I mean, there's no doubt Slade would KO Robin in the first round of a fight between the two, but I thought this was Jericho wearing Slade's body... Which would make me think that the fight would be more tilted in Robin's favor, since I don't see Jericho in Robin's league fighting-wise. I guess Jericho keeps Slade's muscle memory and fighting skills while possessing him? Which doesn't really make sense, but that's DC for ya. Either that or Deathstroke is lying about being possessed, which would make all of those thoughts above meaningless. Besides that, the big news was Impulse turning into Kid Flash, which I'm pretty meh to. Johns obviously doesn't want to write Bart like the way he was portrayed in the Impulse solo series or Young Justice, so I guess he might as well change his name/personality. I'm still waiting for an explanation on why Bart randomly decided to become Kid Flash(as well as where he found an old Kid Flash costume...), but I'm guessing that will come with time. Maybe.

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