Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Maximum Carnage part 2: Web of Spider-Man #101

Hey look, I'm actually continuing the Maximum Carnage posts! Considering the huge amount of Teen Titans books on here, I'm almost obligated to continue posting these books, I mean hell, I grew up on Marvel comics, although you wouldn't know it by looking at this blog... We are still in the very early stages of this x-over, and we have yet to see Venom make an appearance. Will that change this issue? I don't know, probably? Eh, only one way to know for sure!

Maximum Carnage part 2: Web of Spider-Man #101

Summary: This issue gets started with Cloak and Dagger saving Spider-Man from some street toughs who were closing in to finish him off. FYI, I'm a big fan of the term, “street toughs” I really don't have a reason, it just makes me happy. Go figure. From there, Carnage defaces the Daily Bugle building after telling Jameson to send out word that he wanted to face off against Spider-Man and Venom.  Shriek and Doppel manage to locate Cloak, Dagger and the still injured Spidey at a nearby church, which leads to a two on three fight... At least until Carnage arrives, having been drawn by the sounds of the ruckus.
Oh snap, shit just got real now, son!

Carnage's crew takes charge of the fight, with Shriek killing Dagger, which causes a big explosion. When the smoke clears, Carnage is pissed that Shriek had killed Spidey(even though he isn't dead at all...), and smacks her around a bit before leaving with Shriek and Doppel in tow.
Hey look, Spidey is laying on the ground!  Clearly he must be dead.

Spidey wakes up, while Cloak is depressed that his team name had been shortened to Cloak and. Over in San Francisco, Venom learns of Carnage's rampage back in NYC and decides to head back east.

Thoughts: Man, these comics are SO much more fast paced than the early Teen Titans comics I'm also going through... I mean, stuff actually happens! Now, with that said there were a few parts of this comic that had me scratching my head, like Cloak and Dagger popping up just in time to save Spidey from the gang... That was a tad too convenient for my tastes. It wasn't like the gang members were crowing about their deed from the rooftops, they were quietly stalking Spidey up an alley, so Cloak and Dagger popping up was just too Deux Ex Machina for me. Also, what the hell is with Carnage just assuming Spider-Man was dead after Dagger died!? Sure, there was an explosion(that Carnage no sold, I might add), but Carnage is no rookie to murder.
Carnage: "I almost got Spidey, I guess that means he's dead!"

Hell, he killed 87 people at Ravencroft, I'd like to think he can tell the difference between breathing and not breathing, but I guess he can't.  Another weird thing was when Dagger died there was no body left. Like, there was NOTHING! No body, clothing, anything, she was just magically gone and “dead” like a bad guy in an old video game... All in all, besides my nitpicking, this was a strong comic that set up future events with Demogoblin and Venom learning of Carnage's antics. On to the next one!


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  2. Cloak and Dagger -- talked about a concept that probably should've worked better than it did. I always wanted to like them, being the "New Mutants" fanatic that I was, but it somehow always felt like Nancy Reagan was lecturing me about drugs.

    1. Ah Cloak and Dagger... I should love them, they're just the sort of characters that I normally love(lower tier, less popular types), from just the right time period, but I just never got them... I'm guessing you may be right and it was the preachiness that turned me off of the characters. There was just something about them that I just never clicked with.