Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Brave and the Bold #60(Final part)

Yay, last part of the tour-de-force that everybody will soon be talking about(in my mind at least), the conclusion of the Separated Man saga. I've read some fantastic comic book tales in my day. And I've also read this... Let's all sit back and find out how the Teen Titans plan on defeating a giant foot, as well as a giant ear... Personally, I'm still waiting for some of the more... Shall we say, lewd parts of the Separated Man to make their presence known...

Brave and the Bold #60(July 1965):

Summary: Oh, so the giant mouth isn't just trying to blow Wonder Girl from the sky, it's also screaming at her. Yes, it's screaming so loudly, that poor Wondy can't even think... Luckily, she snatches a billboard and throws it in the mouth's... Um, mouth? That shuts it up and and causes it to retreat. From there, the Titans can't seem to locate the Separated Man(I'm going to ignore Kid Flash falling into a pit of mud because it's just too embarrassing...), who has gone into hiding... Even though he's a giant freak... The Prof. tells Robin where his secret lab full of Separated Man serum is, but as luck(or unluck) would have it, the Separated Man's ear has overheard this and races off to get to the lab.
"Holy earwax, Batman!  How'd I miss that gigantic ear over there!?"

That gives us our obligatory Aqualad moment, as he helps the teens of Midville attack the now Un-Separated Man as he races to the lab's location. The teens attack via surfboard, because, as I said, we need Aqualad to do something! The Prof. reveals to Robin that he lied about where his lab was, since he was hoping to draw the Separated Man out of hiding...  Wait, the Prof., a man who has destroyed a town, as well as committed several crimes while in prison lied?!?! I can't believe it! Wonder Girl holds the Separated Man steady with her lasso, which gives Robin the opportunity to stab the Separated Man with the anti-serum needle, turning him back to normal and ending the threat.
So wait, we actually have a water rescue scene and Aqualad doesn't even get a part of it???

With that, the Prof. turns himself back over to the authorities, with Robin assuring him that he wouldn't get any additional jail time for breaking out, since he was only trying to help stop the Separated Man... I don't think that's how this works, Dick... With the job done, the Titans head back to their various cities, and this comic heads away from me.

Thoughts: Ah wacky Teen Titans comics from the 1960's... What would I poke fun at without you? This comic was everything I had hoped it would be and more! I will say that I am a bit annoyed that the Separated Man didn't use his giant genitalia at all in this adventure, but I guess there's always next time. It was also kind of weird that the Separated Man never uttered a word, when he was a giant, nor when he was just the ex-cellmate. It's not often you see a villain who can talk, not saying a word. Hmm, what else can I add to this one that I haven't already said... Oh, I know! How the hell does Kid Flash lose a giant pair of feet in a large, wide-open field?? I mean, sure, he fell in a mud bog, but still... That was just sad... Hey, much like this comic!
I guess it's always been tough to be a fan of poor Wally West...

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  1. "I've read some fantastic comic book tales in my day. And I've also read this... " legit Lol moment for me.

    So... I don't get it. He separated then came back together to get the serums? Why? Like... that's the perfect opportunity to not have to be together... I... Um... okay.

    Robin assuring someone they won't get extra jail time when he himself is a vigilante is hilarious. Also, if you went from underwater to land with super speed, wouldn't that fuck your equilibrium up completely?

    We both know you're more than a BIT annoyed you didn't see his separated dong causing havoc. And that is interesting that the villain never spoke... And maybe he was mute?