Thursday, March 16, 2017

Teen Titans #3

Okay, last issue we found out that Deathstroke was going to be the main villain in this first story arc. Impulse was also shot in the knee, which I recall leads to him turning into Kid Flash, even though I don't remember the specifics of that... Like, how does getting kneecapped lead to one taking on a new(old) persona? Other than the most likely excuse, there was a Kid Flash in the 50's/60's, so Geoff Johns needed there to be one around now!!!!11!!!1!!1!!!! On with the show!!

Teen Titans #3(Nov. 2003)

Summary: We kick things off with Cyborg rushing Impulse to the hospital so he could get his leg worked on. While Cyborg and Beast Boy wait at the hospital, Starfire shows the rest of the Young Justice Titans the Teen Titans memorial room, as well as tells them that they weren't allowed to go rushing off to find Deathstroke... Also, Robin seemed to know what Deathstroke said to Impulse prior to shooting him, which is weird because I doubt Impulse would be coherent enough to relay a message after being shot in the knee, but what evs. Robin lies to Starfire about not leaving, and then sneaks off with Superboy and Wonder Girl.
Um, good to know?

Meanwhile, the church of Blood seem to have resurrected Raven(Ugh...). Back to this issue, Beast Boy picks up Deathstroke's scent at the hospital, which leads to Cyborg and Beast Boy attacking the merc. The two Titans handle Deathstroke, which causes Deathstroke to reveal that it was actually Jericho controlling Deathstroke's body.

Thoughts: This was a pretty slow issue. It was a whole lotta nothing, followed by the Deathstroke/Titans fight, and the cliffhanger reveal. And that's basically it. We see that Raven seems to be trapped/possessed by Brother Blood's minions, which I really don't care much about. Raven was always such a meh character to me, so I'm not really keen on seeing her pop up. Starfire got to look like an idiot in this issue, as she was easily outsmarted by Robin with a simple lie. But then, I doubt they keep Starfire around for her brains anyway... Huh, I literally can't think of anything else that happened here... Ah well, on to the next one!
Jeez, this comic was so slow I don't even have any more pics to post...

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