Sunday, March 26, 2017

Teen Titans #7

First things first, I'm going to alternate Teen Titans posts with Maximum Carnage posts for the next several days/weeks, so expect my next post to be a Maximum Carnage one. Now, with that out of the way, we've reached the seventh issue of this series of the Teen Titans! Huzzah!! Now, the last issue was pretty bad. But that's cool, I like bad comics! They're more fun to pick apart and/or ridicule. Honestly though, when I first read these issues(probably like 10 years ago) I remember them being really good... Now? They are the opposite of really good... But maybe it was just those first few issues and things just get amazing from this point forward! That could happen...

Teen Titans #7(March 2004) 

Summary: This is one of those, “A Day In The Life Of...” comics, looking at the various characters from the past few issues. Cyborg is a leader now, Beast Boy is still shallow, Starfire wants to learn patience, etc. What else we got... Um, Robin doesn't know what he wants to do when he grows up, while Wonder Girl finally gets into a school, mainly thanks to old friend Arrowette.
Yay, Arrowette!!  Also, was Principal David being female a weird shot at Peter David?

As for Superboy, Superman gives him Krypto, because 1950 is cool(according to Geoff Johns, at least). Kid Flash stops the kid version of Trickster.
Reading this comic makes me feel stupid, so I can relate here.

Deathstroke visits the grave of longtime associate Wintergreen and reveals that he's training his daughter, Rose(the future Ravager). Basically, all the kids miss their friends/teammates, while Deathstroke is pissed about Jericho killing his friend.

Thoughts: And that was that with that. My summary might have been really short, but this issue was a weirdly long read. I must have glanced over at the clock a few times while reading this comic, which is strange because I usually blow through these Titans books super fast. This issue just dragged on and on and on... The pacing here was just slow. Outside of Bart busting the Trickster, nothing happened. Like literally, nada. Usually in a really talky issue like this, something will get set up for the future, but not here. Wonder Girl gets into a school! Robin stares blankly at a piece of paper! Superboy gets a dog!
At this point I can't help but to think that Superman is going out of his way to make Conner miserable...

It was just boring. And boring is definitely my Kryptonite... Give me terrible! Give me dumb! But boring is just a killer. Ugh...

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