Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Teen Titans #6

I don't know if this is the last part of the first storyarc of the Teen Titans, or if this is the first part of the second... I mean... It's the sixth issue, and years of reading recent books tell me that most storylines go 6 issues(to better sell them as a trade), or sometimes 4, but the Deathstroke story went 5... What. The. Hell?!? I mean, I'd guess this would have been in the first trade, so I'm gonna say that it's a part of the first storyarc, if only to save what's left of my fragile psyche... Yes I obsess over really weird things... Okay, let's finish this storyline out then!

Teen Titans #6(Feb. 2004)

Summary: So Wonder Woman is pissed about Starfire offering Wonder Girl a spot on the Titans, even though Wonder Woman specifically told Starfire not to do that. Wonder Woman points that out to Starfire, who goes nuclear, half-naked alien and start shouting about how she was sold into slavery and that Wonder Girl should be able to make choices... Um, those two things are FAR from the same. Also, that's like the frigging sixth time Starfire has mentioned that in this damn series!! We get it! Now move on... So anyway, Starfire blasts Wonder Woman, which leads to the two fighting. Of course, the rest of the Justice League show up, and you KNOW what that means!!! Yes, it's the classic, “Two Heroes(and/or teams) meet, have a misunderstanding and fight!! Anyway, everybody pairs off with their mentor,
Who runs with their arms like that???  Also, who runs away spouting weird-ass shit like that?!?

except for Green Lantern, Beast Boy and Cyborg, who have no teen sidekicks...   :(   Blah blah blah, fight fight fight,

Years of reading Batman comics tells me otherwise...  He loves smacking his Robins around!

with everything halting when Nightwing, who, I guess was randomly in the neighborhood, pops up and tells everybody to chill out.
Ugh...  Bart's dialogue in this issue...  Just ugh...

And believe it or not, that actually works! The Titans are all, “Hey old dudes, let us do shizzle our own way, #lol!” While the JLA are all, “That's swell, youngsters. We just want to be involved in your lives!” And everybody agrees, I guess? I'm still puzzled by how the fight ended and the weird-ass way everybody just sort of decided to leave. Oh, and Robin tells Superboy that he is indeed half Lex Luthor, because Geoff Johns. Also, Lex Luthor was the one sending the emails to Robin. Because Geoff Johns.

Thoughts: Thoughts? Yeah, I have one, how the hell did the fight end? Nightwing pops up and tells the JLA to respect the Titans privacy, not a single member of the League agrees to do that, and everybody just leaves!! What the hell is that?! Also, much like last issue gave us a Raven Ex Machina, this issue blessed us with a Nightwing Ex Machina... I don't get why Dick was there...
What the hell expression is on Robin's face here?!  

 Like, the given reason was that he had overheard “Wonder Woman's problem” on his JLA communicator and showed up, but why was he out in California in the first place? He lives in frigging New Jersey! It's not like he was out walking Bat-Dog and saw the fight happening across the street, he was, literally, the entire country away!! I just don't know with these comics anymore... It's like Johns isn't even trying!! Oh, and then we get Robin revealing to Superboy that he took tests, and Superboy is definitely half Lex Luthor, which gives us this gem by Superboy, and I quote, “I've got a fifty-fifty chance of growing up to be the world's greatest hero---or the world's greatest villain...” No! No you don't!! He's not Superman OR Lex Luthor!! How... Why would he just randomly become pure evil?!? Because Lex is? So?! It's not like Superboy lived the exact same life as Lex, and as such grew up just like him! Ugh... This issue was such a disaster! I'm almost afraid to find out what the next issue is gonna bring...

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