Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Maximum Carnage part 4: Spider-Man #35

Part 3 of this event was a bit on the blah side, but we've still gotten more good than bad, which makes me a happy comic book reader. The last part's cliffhanger brought Spidey and Venom together, which should be fun. On top of that, this issue promises to bring Black Cat in on the side of heroes, which should balance the two sides out a little. Okay, enough talk, let's see what happens next.

Maximum Carnage part 4: Spider-Man #35:

Summary: Fed up with all things Spidey, MJ storms out of her apartment home, leaving Peter and Venom behind. Peter lets Venom rest up on his couch and heads out to talk to Black Cat... Really?! His wife is mad at him so he goes to see the other woman?! Jeez Spidey, you suck! Spidey tells Black Cat all about how he knows he needs Venom's help against Carnage, but that he doesn't actually want to team with Venom due to Venom being a bad guy himself. After listening, Black Cat tells Spidey they need Venom, and suits up to fight against Carnage as well. Meanwhile, Demogobin joins up with Carnage's crew. Black Cat goes to Venom and offers to help him out, and is soon joined by Spidey, who warns Venom that there would be no killing as long as they were working together.
HA!!!  That little antenna on Spidey's head slays me!!

Back with Carnage, Cloak manages to locate him and attacks, but is greatly outnumbered. Luckily, Spidey's group hears the sounds of battle and join in to help Cloak.
Ah back when it took several established characters to defeat Carnage...  Good times...

Carnage tires of the fight and has Demogoblin and Shriek destroy the roof of the warehouse they were battling in, burying Black Cat and knocking Venom out. With that, Spidey is faced with a choice, head after Carnage or rescue his injured allies and allow Carnage to escape.

Thoughts: Eh, this issue was alright. Both Spidey and Carnage bolstered their ranks, and we got another inconclusive fight. I'm not really sure what Carnage wants though... He tells J. Jonah Jameson that he wants to face off against Venom and Spidey, but he's retreated from Spidey twice and allowed Venom to escape him once... I get he's all about chaos and such, but shit, finish off your kill, good sir! Other than that, Peter showed how clueless of a husband he was by going to see Black Cat immediately after MJ stormed off.
How the hell does that costume actually stay on?!?!?

I don't even have words for how dumb a move that is. Yeah, that's about all I can think of for this issue...  

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