Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Teen Titans #13

Well, we've made it through two story arcs and 12 issues of this series. I have to say, so far this series hasn't lived up to my memory of it. I remember really liking these early issues, while souring on the later issues. But these first 12 issues really haven't been very impressive at all... If these were supposed to be the good issues, I'm literally terrified by how bad the later issues are going to get! As for this issue, from the looks of the cover this will probably be a one and done comic, which is a nice change of pace. Well, let's get to it.

Teen Titans #13(Sept. 2004)

Summary: The Titans get some bloodwork to make sure they haven't been diseased by Brother Blood before getting some R&R.
What time is it?  It's time for the gun show!!!

Or at least most of them do, as Superboy refuses to get his blood checked, while Robin is a no-show. Also, Beast Boy seems to be sick, which I only add in case that turns out to be important to the story later on. From there we head to Gotham City, where Superboy is looking for his little buddy Robin, but instead finds Spoiler back when she was Robin. Or as known sexist pig Dan Didio would call her, NOT Robin EVER!!!!! Superboy asks for information on Robin's whereabouts(the boy Robin that is... This is going to get confusing fast...), but Robin(the girl one...) refuses to tell him anything. And then, of course, Batman pops up and tells Superboy to leave Robin(the girl one...) alone and to figure out a way to find Robin(GAH!!!!) with his super-powers. From there we head back to the other Titans, who are shocked to see a bunch of green animals charge out of an elementary school. While they wrangle the animal children, Beast Boy loses his green pigmentation and seems to be powerless.

Thoughts: Ugh, now we get a Beast Boy story?! What the hell, Geoff Johns? What the hell??? Actually, now that I think about it, this series has been really heavily focused on the older Titans, at the expense of the younger ones. Robin has no storyline at all going, Superboy has the stupid Lex Luthor storyline, which is on the back burners right now, Wonder Girl has something going with Ares, but it's barely been explored at all, and Kid Flash had a costume change. The villains have been Deathstroke, Jericho and Brother Blood, and the story lately has been all about Raven.
Why is the bird flying into the ground/Raven's ass crack?

All of those people are connected to the older Titans. That honestly makes me wonder why DC even bothered to cancel Young Justice and fold the YJ characters into the Titans book in the first place... Clearly Johns has more interest in the older characters(Geoff Johns only interested in old characters?! Perish the thought!), so why not just make this series about them? But then, I don't understand anything DC does(New 52 anybody?), so why try to figure this out? All in all, this was an inoffensive comic book with some legit funny moments. I just wish it revolved around anybody besides Beast Boy...
Man, Wonder Girl is another character who is just super bitchy for no good reason in this series.

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