Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Teen Titans #11

So the last issue had the Titans running afoul Brother Blood and getting beaten up by him as a result. Yes, Brother Blood, the random cult leader dude, beat up the Titans. And he did that after BITING Superboy in the arm... Like, he legit bit him, and then claimed he had Superboy's strength. I don't get how he had the strength to bite into Superboy prior to getting Superboy's strength, but what can ya do?

Teen Titans #11(July 2004)

Summary: After being knocked into a hole in the ground while fighting Brother Blood, Starfire and Robin are confronted by Deathstroke and Ravager.
Yeah sure, why not carry Robin around by the scruff of the neck...

Deathstroke offers to lead Robin and Starfire to the other Titans, along with assisting in defeating Brother Blood, all in exchange for Raven. Robin refuses, but Starfire overrules him and agrees to Deathstroke's terms. Meanwhile, Beast Boy rushes Raven out of Brother Blood's room o' blood while hoping Cyborg can defeat Blood and his henchmen. Spoiler alert, he can't. Deathstroke leads Robin and Starfire to a room where Blood's holy book is, and discover that Blood is supposed to marry Raven, which would bring about armageddon. From there, Blood somehow magically appears in a pool of blood behind Raven and Beast Boy, along with the rest of the defeated Titans... So he beat Superboy, Cyborg, Wonder Girl and Kid Flash OFF PANEL?!?
Hey look, Brother Blood has defeated EVERYBODY.  I wonder how that happened.

You'd think that would be worth showing, but I guess not. Deathstroke and company arrive on the scene for the save, with Starfire turning on Deathstroke and refusing to let him kill Raven. Brother Blood somehow forces Raven to transport all of the Titans, along with Deathstroke and Ravager... inside herself? I think?? This issue ends inside Raven(???)with ghost Jericho threatening Deathstroke.

Thoughts: There were WAAAAAAY too many unexplained things going on here... Hell, Johns himself even pointed out one of them by having Kid Flash wonder how Brother Blood was able to bite into Superboy. There's that, Brother Blood having some form of control over Raven, or I guess just everything about Blood, since we're never really given any idea as to what Blood can and can't do. Brother Blood defeating all of the powerful Titans off panel is another nice moment... Why would THAT not garner page time??? On top of that, we have the end where the team winds up inside of Raven(and not in a fun, sexual way either), which makes her a pocket dimension like Abyss from Marvel? Maybe? This storyline though...
What gives with Starfire just randomly knowing Robin's real name?

In a perfect world Deathstroke kills Brother Blood and Raven, but I have a sneaking suspicion that isn't going to happen here...

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