Friday, April 7, 2017

Teen Titans #10

Okay, we're up to the Raven/Brother Blood portion of this series... In other words, the really, REALLY bad part! I don't even have a good description of Brother Blood, and I read his storylines in the New Teen Titans series from the 1980's... He's a cult leader who runs afoul the Teen Titans a lot(for some reason). And now he has Raven... But, at least we're killing two crappy, diseased birds with one stone in this story.

Teen Titans #10(June 2004)

Summary: So Raven is somehow making the seas turn to blood, birds go crazy and causing a giant Trigon-looking skeleton to attack Titans Tower.
Hey Titans, meet your new neighbor!!

Superboy has no time for that, and destroys the skeleton with some heat vision. Meanwhile, the Titans at the hospital are all kind of possessed by Raven and are ranting about hating their fathers. Ares knocks that out of them, which allows them to catch Beast Boy, who is still a crazed bird, and head to Titans Tower to regroup with the rest of the team. They decide to follow Beast Boy, since he seems to be going to the location all of the other birds are heading. The Titans crash Brother Blood's weird blood room, and fight his hooded cannon fodder. However, things go bad for the Titans when Brother Blood bites Superboy and absorbs his strength.
Mmm, tastes like chicken!  Yeah, yeah, it was the obvious joke...  Feel free to do better in the comments.

Okay then... He goes into a Hulk-like rampage, downing the Titans and ending this issue.

Thoughts: Well, on the plus side this issue was way more fast paced than pretty much all of the other issues of this series thus far. Sure, we had our angsty moments(I'm looking at you, Robin), but this was a lot better than what we've been getting in this series. There are still a lot on unexplained things happening, like Raven seeming to have near infinite powers and yet still being the captive of Blood, but by this point I'm way past expecting perfection.
HA!!!  Geoff Johns, the man who came up with Brightest Day, Superboy Prime punching reality and the New 52, taking shots at other writers...  GTFO, man...  Seriously...

I'm happy just to get acceptable! Also, where the hell did all of those birds go once they got to Brother Blood's cave? I mean there were SO many birds, and then none...
Oh yeah, Deathstroke and Ravager were in this one too!  Hi guys!

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