Monday, April 24, 2017

Teen Titans #14

It's time to continue our trek through the Teen Titans comics with a Beast Boy story... You know, the same Beast Boy who is completely unnecessary to this series... With Kid Flash on the team serving as the comedy relief, he's completely redundant, with his lame powers adding nothing to the team. So yeah, I'm not exactly a fan of him... With that said, I'm going to cross my fingers that this is a quickie two part storyline and after that we can move on to stories revolving around the more important Titans, ie: not Raven or Beast Boy...

Teen Titans #14(Oct. 2004)

Summary: It turns out that every child under 13 in San Francisco has been infected with the virus that lets Beast Boy do Beast Boy things. On top of that, the kids all seem stuck in the first form they took, so they are just stampeding around San Fran mindlessly. Oh, and in 48 hours they'll all die from the virus. So yeah, good times. Beast Boy learns that he's been completely cured of the virus, and is just a regular dude now. The rest of the Titans(with the exception of Superboy and Robin) are rounding up the infected kids and... putting them in cages, I guess? As for the aforementioned Superboy and Robin, they're in Gotham City where Superboy learns that Tim Drake has quit being Robin after his father (FINALLY) found out about his secret double life.
Superboy on his knees in Robin's bedroom...  Big shock there.

Superboy is bummed about that since that means their secret nighttime trysts will no longer be occurring. Back to San Fran, a doctor who had worked with Beast Boy's parents back in the day comes to San Fran to work with Beast Boy to try to discover a cure for the infected kids. However, SWERVE!!, the doctor turns out to be a bad guy and only wants to experiment on Beast Boy for his own evil-tastic reasons. And he seems to be a purple skinned Beast Boy who was responsible for infecting the children.

Thoughts: God help me, I actually liked this comic... A Beast Boy-centric comic and I liked it... Now, with that out of the way, I have to say, the reveal that Dr. Register was evil and behind infecting the kids was painfully obvious...
Why is Beast Boy dressed like he just came back from an African safari?

I mean, like the second his name came up, anybody who DIDN'T see his heel turn coming should just turn in all of their comic books. It was that obvious. Besides that, the virus seemed weirdly specific in that it infected every under 13 year old in San Fran... Like, how does THAT work? Why only people 13 and under? How does the virus know NOT to infect any 14 year olds? I mean I get storywise why it happened, but that's an awfully convenient virus, if you ask me... We also had a quick scene between Cassie and Ares that I'd be remiss for not mentioning here because it was so incredibly stupid... I mean, she calls Ares a pedophile! The God of War Ares!
Ares has done nothing but help Cassie and the Titans...  That's definitely grounds to insult him.

She... She's not even a child! Ugh, sometimes I just don't know with Geoff Johns...


  1. Few things... one, how dare you like this terrible, terrible issue? It was PAINFULLY boring, like you said, and the twist was so obvious! Hell, they even showed him operating on a scared, pre-pubescent beast boy at the beginning of the book! Secondly, what the fuck kinda dad did Tim have? He says he has homework and the dad is like, hurry up, the popcorn for the movie is almost done! Dude, what?

    Ares should not smile like that after Cassie calls him a pedophile... for the second time!

    1. Well, I know I shouldn't have liked it, but for some reason I did... It seemed like it kept moving along, plus it wasn't as enraging as most of these comics are to me, so that's a win! The "surprise"? Yeah, it couldn't have been more obvious. But on the bright side, Johns didn't radically alter any characters' pasts, so that's good.

      As for what kind of father Tim has? Clearly an awesome one! "Homework? BAH! It's movie time kid!" Who wouldn't want a dad like that!

      Eh, Ares is probably use to Cassie randomly acting like a bitch to him by now. He probably couldn't even hold back the smile because he expected some kind of dumb outburst... You can almost see Ares thinking to himself, "When's it gonna come... What's she gonna say THIS time? HA!! Pedophile! That's the Cassie I know!"