Monday, April 17, 2017

Maximum Carnage part 7: Amazing Spider-Man #379

We've finally made it to official halfway point of this here Maximum Carnage event. So far it's been like a roller coaster, we started on a high, dropped down a bit, but started to pull back up with the last part. The cover of this issue promises that “Things get even wilder!” I think that means I should get to reading!

Maximum Carnage part 7: Amazing Spider-Man #379:

Summary: We open with a strategy session between the good guys.
Aww, that Venom is a good guy.

They decide to recruit Firestar to help against Carnage due to fire being a weakness of the symbiote he wears. They also decide to break into the Fantastic Four's headquarters to swipe the Mr. Fantastic's sonic gun in order to exploit the other weakness of Carnage. Also, we learn that the Avengers and the Fantastic Four(as well as all of the New Warriors save one) are out of town at a super hero convention or something... On top of that, an unnatural wave a violence is starting to move through the normal people of Manhattan. Carnage's crew is joined by Carrion, who just randomly starts to kill people along with them without saying a word...
Hey look, it's Carrion!

Okay then... Deathlok steps in to attack Carnage and his gang, but winds up getting overwhelmed by the numbers game and strung up on a billboard. On the other side of the fence, Spidey and company are successful in stealing the sonic blaster from Four Freedoms Plaza, while Cloak manages to locate Firestar, who is eager to help out.
Wait, does the sonic blaster have it's own room?  Shouldn't it be in an armory or something?

And that about wraps this one up.

Thoughts: This issue was more about setting up the pieces on the game board more than anything else. The good guys added Firestar and Mr. Fantastic's sonic gun, while Carnage recruited Carrion in order to bolster his side. Demogoblin is still teetering on the edge of turning on Carnage due to Carnage's stubborn refusal to put any type of a plan into effect. I'll also add that I really liked the fact that Deathlok stepped up and tried to halt Carnage, because that's an aspect to this story that hasn't really been touched upon at all. We have Spidey and the good guys, and we have Carnage and the bad guys. But that's it. I mean, in the Marvel Universe there's like a zillion super types living in Manhattan, but none of them thought it would be helpful to try to stop Carnage? Yeah, the FF and Avengers are conveniently out of town, as are the New Warriors, except for Firestar(once again, convenient), but what about the Darkhawks,Luke Cages or Sleepwalkers of the world? Or even a guy like Iron Man, who wasn't an Avenger at this time, why couldn't he fly in to help? Or hell, the frigging X-Men live right upstate, they could lend a hand. Shit, even Firestar should have been out there doing something before being asked by Cloak! She said she was at the New Warriors headquarters, and that her teammates weren't around. Shouldn't SHE have been out and about trying to assist people? Instead of just ignoring the c-list heroes, why not have Carnage tear through a few of them like he did to Deathlok here? That was definitely a step in the right direction, but also served to shine a light on the fact that nobody else is bothering to do anything...

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