Saturday, April 15, 2017

Teen Titans #12

Okay, we've reached the (merciful) end to the second Teen Titans storyline, which involves Brother Blood and Raven. On the plus side, we know why Blood wants Raven(to launch the end of the world). On the negative side, everything else. Oh yeah, and Jericho is randomly back too! I almost forgot about that. Hopefully his story with Deathstroke gets wrapped up in this issue too, although with the way things have been going, I'm not gonna hold my breath on that.

Teen Titans #12(August 2004)

Summary: Ah, okay. All of the Titans weren't sucked into Raven, Cyborg, Superboy and Wonder Girl remained defeated on the outside. Brother Blood doesn't kill them though because he's clearly an idiot. Meanwhile, inside Raven, Jericho continues to rant about children in costumes and starts to body hop into various people, all while promising he'd get into Deathstroke and kill him. Next, Raven randomly summons... Um, demons? Her soul self? Shadow demons? I'm not sure which, but something along those lines. The demons begin to attack Blood's hooded goons, which Blood is fine with since they obviously weren't that dedicated to him anyway.
This also happened.

The Titans inside of Raven also get expelled because reasons. Cyborg decides that the way to get Raven under control was to put that gem back on her forehead(when the hell did that become a thing?!). Beast Boy collects the gem from inside of Brother Blood(that dude eats everything...) and pushes it back on Raven's head. While all of this is going down, Cyborg tricks Jericho into jumping into him, which allows Cyborg to put Jericho on a disk...
No, he's on the disk labeled "Not Jericho"  Moron...

Uh-huh... Raven manages to send the demons as well as Blood and his followers somewhere(a hell-like dimension? Inside Raven? Somewhere else?), which ends Blood's threat. With that, Raven is offered a place on the Titans... All of this story just to put her on the team?!? This one ends with Ravager stabbing herself in the eye to prove to Deathstroke that she was committed to him.

Thoughts: It's over!!!!! Huzzah!!!!! Wooo baby was this storyline a headache and a half to get through! I will say this though, outside of Superboy and Luthor, along with Deathstroke and Ravager, all of the story arcs from the first 12 issues did get wrapped up here. Jericho is a disc now(and only a measly 210 mbs), Brother Blood is off in Parts Unknown, and Raven is on the Titans. Like I said in the thoughts section, this was a whole lot of work just to get Raven on the team... Especially since she doesn't really add anything except MORE angst. I'm sure we'll be getting the ridiculous Superboy/Luthor storyline soon, but until then, hopefully we get some good stories... Please?

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