Saturday, April 22, 2017

Maximum Carnage part 8: Spider-Man #36

Yay, we're on the backside of the Maximum Carnage event! And since I've been enjoying it so much, I'm already thinking about what I can review next! I'm leaning heavily towards a certain Dark Knight, and am narrowing the choices of stories down. But that's down the road, right now let's see what Spidey and company are going to do against the awesome might of Carnage!

Maximum Carnage part 8: Spider-Man #36:

Summary: Spidey and company head to the Daily Bugle and have Jameson print a headline telling Carnage to return to his home...
Good ol' helpful Jameson.

That home being the Brooklyn orphanage. Carnage heads there with his crew, unable to resist the chance to kill Spidey and Venom. Meanwhile, Iron Fist pops up to assist the firemen who were trying to cut Deathlok down from the marque Carnage hung him from. Back to the orphanage, Spidey and his team attack Carnage's group and we have another brawl on our hands. This time though, the heroes are firmly in control, probably due to the fight spilling outside, meaning Carnage can't use his trump card, collapsing the roof on Spidey and escaping. Venom, with the sonic blaster, along with Firestar, blast away at Carnage, destroying his symbiote and leaving him vulnerable.
I don't know what "face meat" is, nor do I want to know...

Venom moves in for the kill, but wouldn't you know it, Spidey pulls Venom away... Ah Spider-Man... Shriek slashes Carnage with her nails, drawing blood, and causing another symbiote to grow out of Carnage, much to the surprise of the heroes. This issue ends with Carnage renewed and ready to fight again.
My plan B is always, "Fall down and pretend to cry" but that doesn't help here.

Thoughts: I know Spidey doesn't kill... And I knew that he'd, of course, stop Venom from killing Carnage, but I couldn't help but shake my head a little bit when he did step in to halt Venom from finishing off Carnage... It would have been so easy for him to just turn his head, or punch Demogoblin or something. I mean, I totally get it, I know how Spidey operates, but jeez, if anybody deserves the Venom, “eat your brains!!” treatment, it's definitely Carnage. Moving on, I really liked Iron Fist showing up to help Deathlok, as that helps to negate some of my complaints about no other New York heroes appearing in this crossover. I also liked the touch with Carnage being able to just continuously respawn his symbiote. It means that, unlike Venom, you can never separate it from him, which makes him that much tougher to defeat.

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