Thursday, April 13, 2017

Maximum Carnage part 6: Web of Spider-Man #102

And we're up to part six. That's pretty much all I have for an opener here... Um yeah, let's get to it!

Maximum Carnage part 6: Web of Spider-Man #102

Summary: Hey hey, it's an all out action issue, kids! We get started with Venom adding Morbius to his team, which is something Black Cat isn't exactly pleased about. Meanwhile, Mary Jane is partying at a dance club to forget her recent troubles with her husband, you know, that Spidery-guy. Unfortunately for her, Carnage and his crew set upon the place and start to kill club goers left and right. Venom and company arrive, which means the fight is on! During the action, Venom saves MJ from Carnage in a fun little scene.
Venom is fantastically dick-ish here!

Spidey eventually arrives and throws his lot in with Venom's group. The good guys begin to make some headway, which causes Carnage to order Demogoblin to destroy the roof of the club, burying several of the patrons and allowing Carnage to escape with his lackeys.
If the bad guys ever fight the heroes in a roofless environment, they're screwed.

Spidey manages to get Venom to lend a hand helping the injured club goers, and once that's done, agrees to follow Venom until the bitter end. And that about wraps this one up.

Thoughts: This was a really good issue, especially after how meh the past 2 or 3 parts have been. Sure, the mighty hammer of coincidence struck by having MJ at the very club Carnage was attacking, but I can overlook that since it really didn't add or detract from the story much. Granted, I don't know why that club was even open if Carnage was in the area, but what can ya do. One thing I will say is that Carnage's group has been nearly beaten twice now, and had to resort to dropping the ceiling on the good guys both times before escaping... That's slowly starting to seep into bad writing territory... Either come up with another way to have Carnage win or escape, or don't put him against the good guys in the first place. Other than that though, this was a pretty good issue that pulled this event out of the doldrums... For now!!!
You have to admit, Carnage sure does do original stuff with his costume.

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