Friday, April 28, 2017

Teen Titans #15

After sneaking a peek at the cover after this issue, I now know that this is the last issue of this storyline! Huzzah!! Honestly though, this storyline hasn't been that bad, even though it revolves around the most useless of the current Teen Titans. Well, let's polish this one off.

Teen Titans #15(Nov. 2004)

Summary: Cyborg goes to check on Beast Boy and Dr. Register(who is now going by the Zookeeper), which leads to him attacking the Zookeeper after he finds Beast Boy drugged on the floor.
Ahhhh, Barney's on a rampage again!!!

The two fight, which brings Starfire, Wonder Girl(who has returned from Ares's lair after Ares spouted vague gibber-jabber at her) and Kid Flash to the scene. While the Titans try to deal with the Zookeeper, Beast Boy reinfects himself with the virus that turned him into Beast Boy in the first place and engaged the Zookeeper one on one. Beast Boy winds up winning, and takes the Zookeeper in. Then it gets confusing/stupid. All of the kids in San Fran are cured thanks to Beast Boy's blood canceling out the Zookeeper's blood(although Kid Flash says it the other way around, thus the confusion).
How did that woman know which random animal child was hers?

Besides that, Robin calls Superboy on the phone to tell him he was back to being Robin again.

Thoughts: Let's just get right too it, according to this, if I'm reading it right, Beast Boy would have donated enough blood for literally thousands of kids! All in like 36 hours! How is that even possible?!! I guess we'll add “blood transfusions” to genes on the list of things Geoff Johns doesn't understand. The Ares scene was totally unnecessary because it added nothing at all. Ares was all, “Somebody will die! You have to make the right choice!” It was all just empty words that mean nothing... Tell her what this choice is, or who's gonna die, or omit the scene. We also had a scene where Raven asked Wonder Girl how to dress/what to wear, even though we saw Raven in street clothes like 2 issues back when she was dressed hip and was getting tattoos! Now all of a sudden she doesn't know how to dress?! UGH!!!

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